Celebrate with these 20 New Year’s Eve Party ideas for kids and adults

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A lively, fun family night starts with the right planning

Ready to ring in the New Year with a party to remember? We’ve been helping people celebrate New Year’s for decades with great music, entertainment, and some of Indianapolis’ best parties. Now we’ve put together this ultimate guide of New Years Eve party ideas for kids and adults that will have everyone talking well into the coming year. From family-friendly games and activities to glow-in-the-dark extravaganzas, we’ve got you covered with 35 unique and unforgettable New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids and adults alike!

Board games for all

Everyone enjoys a good board game, right? Choose a mix of classic and contemporary games to entertain guests of all ages. From old favorites like Scrabble and Yahtzee to newer hits like Codenames and Sushi Go! Party, there’s something for everyone. Don’t hesitate to modify the rules or add a theme to make the games even more engaging for all players.

Board games can create an exciting atmosphere at your New Year’s Eve party and help forge new traditions during a family game night with New Year’s Eve games.

Interactive video games

Set up a gaming station for guests to enjoy interactive video games together. Whether you prefer console or PC gaming, providing a variety of games ensures there’s something for everyone. Ensure your gaming area has enough space and comfortable seating, and don’t forget to include multiplayer games to encourage friendly competition.

Interactive video games serve as an entertaining icebreaker and enhance the fun at your New Year’s Eve party. Guitar Hero is one of our favorites. It’s active, everyone can play regardless of musical ability, and there’s a lot of moving around to keep people active.

DIY minute-to-win-it challenges

Create your own minute-to-win-it challenges for guests to compete in and test their skills in a friendly and exciting atmosphere. Use everyday household items like cups, straws, and balloons to design unique challenges that appeal to participants of all ages. Make sure to select age-appropriate tasks, provide clear instructions, and ensure safety during the activities.

Minute-to-win-it challenges infuse an element of thrill into your party, keeping guests captivated all evening.

Whimsical balloon countdown

Balloons are a party staple, and incorporating them into your New Year’s Eve celebration adds a touch of whimsy and excitement. Creative balloon popping, revealing messages inside, and a midnight balloon drop are just a few ideas to make your party truly unforgettable.

These fun activities not only bring excitement to the evening but also heighten anticipation as midnight approaches.

Creative balloon popping

Fill balloons with delightful surprises, and pop them as the countdown progresses. Write activity ideas, resolutions, or heartfelt messages on slips of paper, roll them up, and place them inside balloons. When the clock chimes the specified time, pop the balloons.

This approach effectively sustains the party momentum and immerses guests of all ages, including younger kids, in the fun. If you’re at a party with a DJ or band, they can help emcee the event and keep everyone moving.

Dual-themed DIY decor

Combine different themes for unique and eye-catching party decorations.

Dual-themed DIY decor not only impresses guests but also allows you to showcase your creativity and personal style in your New Year’s Eve celebration. Involve the kids, too. Just be careful with all that glitter!

Mini disco balls and glitter galore

Create a sparkling atmosphere with mini disco balls and glittery decorations. DIY disco balls can be made from foam balls, mirror tiles, and a little bit of creativity.

Scatter glitter on tables and surfaces to catch the light and add a touch of glitz to your party. These dazzling decorations are guaranteed to add a sparkle to your New Year’s Eve party.

Elegant paper plate art

Use paper plates to craft elegant and budget-friendly party decor. With a little imagination, paper plates can be transformed into beautiful works of art. Create flower decorations, masks, or even party hats using paper plates and a variety of embellishments.

This approach is a fun, budget-friendly method to introduce an element of investment to your New Year’s Eve party.

Time capsule corner

Set up a time capsule station for guests to contribute memories and predictions for the future. Provide a container and materials for guests to write their thoughts, wishes, and goals for the upcoming year. At the end of the night, seal the time capsule and store it in a safe place until it’s time to open it in the future.

This activity presents a unique opportunity to reflect on the past year while creating a keepsake to cherish in the future.

Culinary delights for everyone

Delight your guests’ taste buds with a variety of delicious food options. Kid-friendly fun foods, a gourmet charcuterie board, and sweet treats with a twist ensure there’s something to satisfy every palate. A diverse menu caters to various preferences and enriches the overall party experience for guests across all age groups.

Kid-friendly fun foods

Serve fun and easy-to-eat foods that kids will love. From Frito Pie to Mini Mac & Cheese, there are plenty of options to keep younger guests happy and well-fed. Be sure to include a mix of savory and sweet treats to cater to all preferences and dietary requirements.

Gourmet charcuterie board

Impress guests with a beautifully arranged charcuterie board showcasing a variety of:

  • Meats
  • Cheeses
  • Crackers
  • Olives
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Dips

An artfully arranged charcuterie board serves as an attractive centerpiece for your party, offering a delicious gourmet experience for your guests to relish, complete with edible party horns. It’s also something the kids can help assemble.

Ring in the New Year with creative crafts

Engage guests with hands-on craft activities to create lasting memories of your New Year’s Eve party. Personalized party hats, homemade noisemakers, and keepsake creations offer an interactive and memorable experience for guests of all ages.

Craft activities also provide guests with a unique keepsake of the special night to take home.

Personalized party hats

Provide materials for guests to create their own festive party hats. From sparkly pipe cleaners to colorful paper plates, there are endless possibilities for personalization. Encourage guests to get creative and design their own one-of-a-kind party hat to wear throughout the night and take home as a keepsake.

Homemade noisemakers

Encourage guests to make their own noisemakers for the midnight countdown. Using everyday household items like cups, straws, and beads, guests can design unique noisemakers to celebrate the New Year.

This activity not only infuses excitement into the party but also lets guests create a personalized keepsake of the celebration.

Keepsake creations

Set up a crafting station for guests to create memorable keepsakes from the party. From DIY ornaments to personalized artwork, there are plenty of options for guests to choose from.

Glow in the dark extravaganza

Add excitement to your party with glow-in-the-dark activities that will light up the night. Neon face painting, glow stick dance parties, and dark ring toss games are just a few ideas to bring a touch of magic to your New Year’s Eve celebration.

Neon face painting

Offer neon face painting for guests to enjoy throughout the evening. Use neon UV/Neon FX paint to create vibrant and colorful designs on the face, turning your guests into walking works of art.

Neon face painting serves as an enjoyable activity that introduces an element of excitement and creativity to your party.

Glow stick dance party

Host a dance party with glow sticks for added fun. Encourage guests to wear glow sticks as bracelets, necklaces, or even headbands and dance the night away under the glow of black lights.

A glow stick dance party is an excellent way to infuse your New Year’s Eve celebration with energy and excitement.

Glow-in-the-Dark ring toss

Set up a glow-in-the-dark ring toss game for guests to play. Use glow sticks and glow stick necklaces to create rings and targets for the game.

Dark ring toss is a captivating activity that brings a unique twist to a conventional party game, keeping guests entertained throughout the evening.

A family throws confetti in the air.

Reflecting on the past year

Encourage guests to share memories and set goals for the upcoming year. Memory sharing circles, resolution walls, and gratitude balloons are just a few ideas to help guests reflect on the past year and look forward to the future. These activities provide a chance for introspection while promoting a sense of camaraderie and connection among guests.

Memory sharing circle

Organize a group activity for guests, including at least one family member, to share their favorite memories from the past year. Have guests stand in a circle and take turns sharing their memories, encouraging active listening and deep connections.

A memory sharing circle serves as a meaningful way to recall the ups and downs of the past year while looking ahead to the prospects of the New Year.

Resolution wall

Create a space for guests to write and display their New Year’s resolutions. Provide blank cards or pieces of paper and a jar for guests to write down their resolutions and place them on the wall.

Encourage guests to share their hopes and dreams for the coming year, fostering a sense of unity and support among the group.

Gratitude balloons

Encourage guests to write what they’re grateful for on balloons and release them at midnight. As the balloons soar into the sky, guests will be reminded of the blessings and joys of the past year.

This activity introduces a dash of sentimentality to the celebration, reminding us of the significance of gratitude in our lives.

Cinematic countdown

Incorporate movies into your New Year’s Eve party for a fun and relaxing celebration. Family-friendly flicks and movie trivia games provide entertainment for all ages and allow guests to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

A cinematic countdown is an ideal way to infuse Hollywood glamour into your New Year’s Eve celebration.

Family-friendly flicks

Choose a selection of family-friendly movies for guests to enjoy. From classics like The Wizard of Oz to recent releases like The Sleepover, there’s something for everyone. Be sure to consider the age range and interests of your guests when selecting films, ensuring that everyone has a fun and enjoyable movie-watching experience.

Movie trivia games

Organize movie-themed trivia games for guests to participate in. Test their knowledge of film history, famous actors, and memorable movie moments. Movie trivia games serve as an entertaining activity while promoting friendly competition and stimulating conversation among guests.

Planning for the next year

Call them resolutions, goals, or big ideas — now’s a great time to think about what kind of person you’ll be in the new year. Set some goals with the kids or publicly commit with your friends or loved ones. Then, break them down into smaller chunks, like what you’ll have done by July 1, your birthday, and by the end of the year. Write them down to review at the end of 2024.

You can also store these in a note on your phone and set a reminder to check in with yourself throughout the year.

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