Book and plan your holiday party entertainment now

September and October are the best late months to book holiday party bands. As Christmas and New Year’s Eve approaches, private parties and companies looking for a way to kick back will fill many of the best dates early.

Christmas arrives on a Wednesday in 2019 and typically companies host their parties on weekends. This gives you three weekends to schedule your event.

Your song list and other preferences don’t need to be nailed down until the week or two before the event. First, select options that match your budget, genre, and playing time.

Great Christmas and holiday party music ideas

Cocktail Sax – a great live jazz band

Cocktail Sax is Indy’s premier jazz ensemble. Budget for one or two musicians or up to five. Ideal for interesting versions of pop and jazz standards, instrumental party music, and some vocal accompaniment.

Candlewood Strings – the Midwest’s instrumental quartet

Get light music to go along with a fine dining experience or a holiday pitch-in. Contemporary and classical music can be covered.

Live New Year’s Eve music ideas

The band etc. can swing your night with live music from Indianapolis to anywhere else. Classic rock, country, swing, and classic and contemporary hits are covered. Start with Frank Sinatra, move to the Carrie Underwood, and end the night with Pharell.

Ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving parties

Halloween parties don’t get the attention they deserve, especially in corporate environments. They’re a great way to get kids involved at the office and feature all the food and fun of Christmas parties with the added creativity of costumes and outfits.

The band etc., Cocktail Sax, Candlewood Strings, or a professional DJ from Circle City DJ will flip any Halloween party into a howling good time. Thanksgiving parties usually focus on just the food, but you can imagine how an afternoon with a live violinist or pianist can keep people engaged with song requests.

Get your coworkers involved in the music and party planning

Share the spotlight with your coworkers by making your holiday party more interactive either through the event planning or music selection. Here are some great ideas to help:

  1. You might not have coworkers on the dance floor all night, but bands play music to the taste of the room. Live entertainment can adjust itself accordingly through the day or evening.
  2. Match clothing to the event, or add a twist to your typical Christmas cheer with 80’s or 90’s flashback themes for attire and gifts. Your live band can dress to match, too.
  3. Raffle items and let the band or DJ handle the drawing for you.
  4. Make it a puppy party. If your event is large enough or open to the public, consider inviting the local humane society or animal shelter. They can bring dogs and puppies available for adoption. Every party is better with puppies.
  5. Partner with a small local nonprofit for a joint party. In Indianapolis or anywhere else, consider foster children support groups or child advocacy organizations. You can help make ornaments or decorations, buy gifts, or host their staff and guests for a joint party.
  6. Taco bars are great but don’t exactly ring with holiday cheer, or scream spooky at Halloween. Pilgrims didn’t roll up to Plymouth Rock with salsa, either. Instead, consider a donut bar. They’re affordable, and toppings can come in equally affordable quantities.
  7. Invite a brewery to hook you up with drinks and a custom beer flavor for your event. Encore Entertainment can help you find ways to connect the theme to the music, too.
  8. If you’re having a hard time imagining how soft or classical music can fit in at your event, consider a separate space for spa treatments. They don’t require a lot of space and can pair nicely with the right music.
  9. Let your staff vote on song selection, or, have them submit requests or artists for the band to cover at the party.
  10. A corporate event doesn’t have to be in the office. Book a third party location, like one of these great Indy-area venues, and get the music, food, drinks, and entertainment of your choice to come with you.

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