Rev Indy showcases Indy’s best culinary and musical talent

On May 4, 2019, thousands of visitors, food lovers, and music fans will descend on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Instead of cars doing 200 MPH in the famed 500-mile race, visitors can see live painting, Bollywood Beats, Kyle Long, The Brothers Footmen, and dozens more top musicians and DJs.

All of the entertainment from cover bands to country and hip hop are coordinated by Encore Entertainment.

There’s more to Encore Entertainment than acts like the band etc…, Cocktail Sax and Candlewood Strings. We help source top talent from across the region to help big events succeed. As events come together, dates and talent need to be secured, compensation agreed upon, talent flown in, and equipment moved and setup. The whole process is a logistical ballet Encore Entertainment has a decade of experience in.

To close the event, Rev Indy ends with a late night dance party on the Yard of Bricks. Rev Indy 2019 is already sold out, but you can learn more about the event at

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