Get up to 95 variations of music and entertainment at your next event

With great bands like the band etc., the Circle City Bucket Drummers, Candlewood Strings, Cocktail Sax, DJ Gallant, and a growing roster of talented DJs with Circle City DJ, you can get up to 95 variations of musical accompaniment for your next event.

Simple piano or a full quartet

You can scale up or down your night with a single violinist at the rehearsal, and later lovely piano music at the reception and end the night with a full string quartet at the reception.

Pump up your wedding with class and contemporary hits

Start your wedding with one or two professionals — maybe a piano and a sax player moving through some classical light music. Or maybe a string guitar and a clarinet playing contemporary melodies. Then, switch out your music later in the day with the band etc. for contemporary hits at maximum fun.

Emcees available with every option for weddings and events

No matter what combination of musicians, songs, styles, and instruments you choose, you’ll have a talented emcee ready to keep the night moving smoothly.

Get started by choosing an act, or build a quote

You can get help picking the act that’s right for your event right now. It’s free and takes about 90 seconds to complete.

Or, if you’re ready to get numbers for your event, start your quote online now. You’re under no obligation, your privacy is protected, and your information won’t be sold or distributed.

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