Indianapolis DJ Gallant hosts the biggest and best parties in town

DJ Gallant

Indianapolis’ hard-partying, bass-thumping, volume-boosting professional DJ Gallant

Indianapolis DJ Gallant excels at New Year’s Eve parties to Christmas parties and everything in between like weddings, company events, birthday parties, and receptions.

  • Get the perfect host for your big day, bar mitzvah, private party, reception, or celebration.
  • An affordable alternative to a big band, or, combine with a smaller ensemble for a collection of music across the whole day. Why not have a piano player at the cocktail hour and a pro DJ at the after party?
  • Keep your guests bouncing all day and night with personal requests.
  • Skip the emcee duties and let the DJ handle announcements, event updates, and the music with confidence.
  • Strict adherence to your “Play” and “Do Not Play” lists.
  • State-of-the-art systems, and we carry backup equipment to every event.
  • Encore Entertainment carries insurance for all acts, musicians, and performers.

DJ Gallant performs at hundreds of venues around Indiana and the Midwest.

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Indianapolis DJ Gallant hosts the biggest and best parties in town 1

Only the best music

Get curated collections of music designed for your event, including:

  • Pop hits
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Electronic
  • Party music
  • Outdoors
  • Hip-Hop and rap
  • Indie music
  • Chill
  • Jazz
  • Soul/Funk
  • Essential listening
  • Oldies
  • Top 100

And all spanning every decade. Our extensive music library ensures we have all the music you and your guests want to hear—no matter the era or style.

One of Indianapolis’ favorite DJs

And a top-rated wedding DJ in Indiana, too

DJ Gallant has been a favorite and affordable Central Indiana DJ for over a decade. With a proven record of keeping the crowd on the dance floor, you’ll enjoy all the high-energy, big fun, and loud bass-thumping beats for hours.

Hundreds of venues, party planners, and events have trusted DJ Gallant. He plays almost every genre of music and curated high-energy hits, plus a few surprises along the night to delight you and your crowd.

Not a fan of super loud music all the time? No worries—he recognizes there’s a time for softer, lighter music. We’ll help you plan the event night so you’ve got everything from a toast to closing time covered.

Every event includes:

  • Hours of consecutive performance time.
  • Specialized equipment and backups running pro-DJ software.
  • Continuous non-stop music.
  • Customizable playlists.
  • A virtually limitless music library
  • Emcee/host services.
  • Wireless microphones,
  • Top quality sound to suit the size of your event.
  • Lighting and staging is available upon request.
  • Loading and set-up time is about one hour prior to the event start.
  • Pre-event planning.